The Don Scherrer Banjo Bands

This record features some of St. Louis's greatest Dixieland and Ragtime musicians. Long a fixture of the St. Louis entertainment scene, Don and his bands have been providing quality music to Dixieland fans for over 30 years.

The musicians featured are: Don Scherrer, Jerry Arana, Rick Barbaud, Jim Haislip, Pat Joyce, David "Red" Lehr, Al Marcus, Glenn Meyer, Russ Polette, Denny Scherrer, Ed Stemmler, and Steve Totten.

The short sound clips will give you a taste of the variety of the Banjo Band sound. Don is featured not only on banjo but on guitar as well on Georgia On My Mind. In addition to their instrumental mastery, the vocal talents within the group are many and varied. On this record we are pleased to present the talents of Denny Scherrer (Bill Bailey, Baby Face), the late, great Ed Stemmler (Milenberg Joys, Rose of Washington Square) and longtime midwest favorite Russ Polette doing his vocal imitations of Louis Armstrong and Carol Channing (Hello, Dolly and Darkness on the Delta).

The clips are roughly 30 seconds long and are presented in mp3 format.

Side One:

  1. Dark Town Strutters Ball
  2. Hello Dolly
  3. Do You Know What It Means (To Miss New Orleans)?
  4. Milenberg Joys
  5. Banjo Medley (Josephine, Robert E. Lee, Alabamy Bound)
  6. Darkness On The Delta

Side Two:

  1. Bill Bailey
  2. I Wanna Be Around
  3. Georgia On My Mind
  4. Rose of Washington Square
  5. Banjo Medley (Limehouse Blues, Chinatown)
  6. Baby Face

Don Scherrer Productions